Welcome to Swecha

Technical events:

Rules for Paper Presentation:

  • Theme is on TECHNOLOGY FOR THE SOCIETY (Pick a problem in the SOCIETY and Provide a solution for it). 
  • The teams will get 10 minutes for their presentation
  • The Topic should be on OpenSource technology.
  • Topic should be on  trending technologies.
  • Use LibreOffice for Presentation.
  • Maximum number of participants in a Team is 4.
  • Abstract should not exceed 1 page and Paper should not exceed 15 pages.
  • Submit your Abstract at reachus@swecha.net

Rules for Idea Presentation:

  • Pick a problem in the Society and provide solution for it (TECHNOLOGY FOR THE SOCIETY).
  • You should  present your idea  for minimum 5 minutes.
  • Idea presentation can be on any of the Trending Technology.
  • Proposed Solution should use OpenSource Technology.
  • Use LibreOffice for Presentation.

Rules for Coding Challenge:

  • Problem statements will be given onspot and they should be solved in limited time.
  • Duration is 1 hour.

Rules for Project Expo:

  • Pick a problem in the society and provide solution for it (TECHNOLOGY FOR THE SOCIETYy).
  • You should bring your project and present it.
  • Project should be based on OpenSource technologies.

Literary events:

Rules for Youth Parliament:

  • Topic will be given on Spot.
  • Participants are divided into two teams.
  • Participants should Discourse on the given Topic.

Rules for Essay writing:

  • Topic will be given on Spot.
  • You should write the given topic on the paper.

Rules for Drawing:

  • Topic will be given On Spot
  • All the Required Tools(Drawing sheets,crayons,pencils,etc) should be brought by u.
  • Duration is for 1 hour.